Our Orchards

We use our orchards for research and for our campus-grown olive oil. We harvest in November, first with a prune shaker and then by hand-picking with the help of volunteers.


Planted beginning in 2008 at 10 feet x 20 feet (3.3 meters x 6.7 meters).  Trees were donated by McEvoy Ranch and the Santa Cruz Olive Tree Nursery.

Varieties: Aglandau, Arbequina, Ascolano, Bouteillon, Carolea, Casaliva, Cayon, Coratina, Frantoio, Itrana, Kalamon, Leccino, Lucca, Maurino, Moraiolo, Noccelara del Belice, Noccelara Etnea, Pendolino, Perenzana, Picholine, Picual and Taggiasca.


Planted in 2012 at the historic Wolfskill Experimental Orchard, near Mission olive trees planted in 1861. The trees include a mixture of oil, table and dual varieties, planted at 12 feet x 17 feet (3.6 meters x 5.2 meters).

Varieties: Arbequina, Empeltre, Kalamon, Manzanillo, Mission, Ouslati, Picual, Sevillano and Taggiasca.

If you wish to participate in the next harvest, please email at: Shirley Li.

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The UC Davis Olive Center is a self-funded university/industry coalition that seeks to do for olives what UC Davis did for wine.