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Olive Oil Sensory Science: Sue Langstaff's Book Reviewed!

Jun 18, 2014
The Olive Oil Times reviews the "Olive Oil Sensory" science book co-edited by our esteemed panel leader, Sue Langstaff!

"What about olive oil stirs the senses the most? Is it the way the mellow green bottle reflects light like a prism around your kitchen, or how the smell mixes with the seasoning and ingredients you cook it with? These qualities (and more) often seem beyond the realm of quantitative study, but the recently published work “Olive Oil Sensory Science,” edited by Erminio Monteleone and Susan Langstaff provides ample evidence to the contrary. At over 350 pages, this tour de force of the science behind the way we perceive olive oil covers everything from tactile perception (how the oil feels in our mouths) to marketing and communication developments from experts in their fields."

Read the rest at Olive Oil Times online!




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